Salgo Medical Care (SMC)

SMC was founded 2001 with the main focus of applications in new medical treatments and methods. In 2002, it operated one of Munich's leading anti-aging clinics with its own lab for vitamins, hormones and tumor markers.

SMC opened a center in Neu Ulm, Bavaria and introduced its high dose vitamin therapies and Mesotherapy treatment, Botox treatment for migraines and skin treatments from within in 2003. A cooperation with the world famous Alphaclinic was established in 2004, where the focus was on stem cell induced arthrosis treatments for the knee and the optimisation of recovery time after surgeries.

In 2010, the research and cooperation with Autologous Stem Cell Laboratories came into focus. This promising new field showed fast development and with SMCs’ expertise; patients’ evaluation and treatment protocols which optimises the use of stem cells for several indications was established.