What are stem cells

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life, the basic cell from which our bodies are made.

They are formed at conception and specialised to become all the different tissues of the body: muscle, nerve, organs, bone, blood and so on. We tap into our body’s stem cell reserve to repair and replace injured or diseased tissue. Unfortunately, our reserve is finite and as it becomes depleted, the regenerative power of our body decreases and we succumb to diseases and to aging.

Stem Cells:

  • Our staffs are highly qualified theoretically and practically, trained regularly and complies with the best hygiene standards.
  • Our premises and manufacturing equipment have been examined and meet the requirements of Good Practice.
  • We keep a clearly written documentation of all steps in the process for the purpose of traceability.
  • Our production procedures are clearly defined and are strictly followed by our staff.
  • In order to guarantee the quality of the materials used as well as of the final product, strict quality controls steps are carried out at all times.